The new Self Linux VM is available for download in binary form from the Self website. For most purposes this will be the easiest way to get Self running on Linux.

Nevertheless, Self is an open source language and so the source for the VM is available.  If you wish to compile Self on Linux, it is quite easy and straightforward.

The binary available on was compiled on Ubuntu 7.04 running in VMWare on a Macbook Pro.  The version of GCC was 4.1.2. Later versions of GCC should work, but will give a lot of warnings (“deprecated conversion from string constant to char*” – just ignore it).

From a clean Ubuntu 7.04, I installed:

  • libc6-dev
  • g++
  • flex-old
  • build-essentials
  • xorg-dev
  • libncurses5-dev

I then got a copy of the source from the Self Github repository:

git clone git://

I then cd into the Self directory and:

cd release
chmod a+x buildLinuxVM

This should build a stripped Linux VM and put it in the top level of your source directory.