Hi guys,

I’ve released Self 4.4 Beta 1.

Download VM installers for MacOS X and Linux and Clean and Demo snapshots from: http://selflanguage.org/download/.  As usual, the sources for the Self VM and objects are available from http://github.com/russellallen/self including as a tarball.

Barring minor fixes, I will reissue this release as Self 4.4 at the start of April. The proper description of Self 4.4 is a revived Self running on modern Mac OS X and Linux x86 and ready as a base for new functionality.

Self 4.4 will be the first Self release since Self 4.3 which was released in June 2006. In future we will attempt a slightly faster turnaround 🙂

Please post bugs to the Self bugtracker at http://self.lighthouseapp.com and to this mailing list.




Since Alpha 2 we have changed (this is a quick dump from commit messages):

  • Changes to SelfDroplet to ensure proper registration of filetype
  • Minor changes to website
  • Fix for bug ticket #3 – Compressed snapshots now work on Linux
  • Fix to UI1 text editing and small improvement to error handling
  • Fix for bug ticket #2 – Self will now compile on Ubuntu
  • Fix for bug ticket #1 – Linux: Display will now reopen after saving world in new snapshot
  • Added -Wno-write-strings flag to GCC compile
  • Initial copy of Self Handbook (incorporates existing manuals in RST for Sphinx)
  • Changes for Snow Leopard
  • Add a nice icon for the Dock in MacOS X
  • Removed some binaries from the git repository, split sortedList out of the list module.
  • Fix colorsFor: in ‘traits ui2Image’ to account for mapped or unmapped
  • Add PNG support and fix JPG/GIF support in webBrowser
  • Changed flag to be “-headless” to start image without ui2
  • Added Chris Double as an AUTHOR
  • Make webBrowser send Host: header
  • Add linux build files to .gitignore
  • Set the module for linux socketConstants
  • Added value:With:With:With:With:With:With:.
  • Get builds working under Arch Linux
  • Add a socketConstants slot for os_file under linux
  • Fix sockets under Linux
  • Clarification of copyright AUTHORS to include Sun and Stanford University
  • Split mirrorProgramming from mirror, so that Klein won’t need to file it in.
  • Added blockTests.self.
  • Clean up and clarification of copyright terms
  • Source tree cleanup
  • Fixes to UI1
  • Starting to refactor the tests to make it easier to use them in Klein.
  • Also refactored the slotFinder to be iterative instead of recursive.
  • Made the javaServer stuff file in OK (sort of, I think). It still needs to be filed in from the terminal, without the Self desktop running.
  • Updated website to Sphinx 0.6.1 and added links to blog
  • Fixed a typo in some comments, added max: and min: methods to the ordered mixin.