Dear all,

I would like to announce the release of version 4.4 of the Self environment.

Self is a prototype-based dynamic object-oriented programming language, environment, and virtual machine centred around the principles of simplicity, uniformity, concreteness, and liveness.

Self includes a programming language, a collection of objects defined in the Self language, and a programming environment built in Self for writing Self programs. The language and environment attempt to present objects to the programmer and user in as direct and physical a way as possible. The system uses the prototype-based style of object construction.

Self is the canonical prototype based language within the Smalltalk family.  It is open source under a BSD-like licence and includes a fast VM and a development environment built on the original Morphic GUI that Squeak’s Morphic is a descendent of.

Changes in release 4.4 include:

  • an improved Quartz based backend for the MacOS X version and
  • a working port of Self to Linux (x86);
  • various bug fixes and general improvements.

You can download Self from the website at in binary form and all sources are available either by running Self or at

Documentation includes the Self Handbook at and a large number of published papers on Self at

You can keep up to date with Self by following either the Self blog at or joining the Self mailing list – details at and archive at

Be selfish! Download today!