Named after the majestic, awe inspiring Anas platyrhynchos, the latest Self release 4.5.0 is now available for download.


What’s new since 4.4?

  • Build system redone by Tobias Pape. Now based on cmake, with a single modern build process for both Linux and OS X. The VM can be built on both GCC and Clang on the latest vesions of both operating systems.
  • New Self on OS X to manage your running worlds as a more robust and featured replacement for the older ‘Self Droplet’. Use of this app is optional and you can still access the Self VM through the command line.
  • New look for standard world, with better fonts, colours and greater use of space.
  • Various fixes to the standard world, including a new build script ‘worldBuilder.self’ replacing several ad hoc build scripts.
  • Updated Self Handbook at

Sources for the VM and for the basic Self world are available as always from the GitHub repository. Although Self, like Smalltalk80, can use an image (in Self called a snapshot of a world), this can be built from text sources.

Self Mallard is available for OS X and Linux. You can download binaries:

  • For OSX, a disk image containing the Self and a prebuilt clean snapshot (“Clean.snap”). Copy the app to your Applications folder, run it and click the Choose snapshot… button.
  • For Linux, a gripped tar file containing a prebuilt 32-bit binary and Clean.snap. Unpack, then run ./Self -s Clean.snap